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WeFlourish is a mindful leadership curriculum, a learning journey for young women, open to the ages of 16 - 25 years old. The objective is to empower young women to be in their own sovereignty, to avoid societal conditioning, while facilitating imagination enabling together with scientific understanding to become future climate leaders for the next generation. The curriculum is an actionable toolkit (also called the WeFlourish Toolkit).

Deepen your knowledge of your personal and global sustainability impact, connect with other inspiring change-makers, and grow as a sustainability leader. Bookmark this hub to find all community courses and track your learning. These opportunities are FREE to all educators, students and pupils.

Innovation is a key part of the 3 WeFlourish intertwined pillars. What are these pillars?

-WELLBEING: starting with the self, with self-care and self-awareness and it is based on the Wellbeing Economy (WeAll) Model.

-CLIMATE: through STEAM learning (STEM + ARTS), sustainable development goals & planetary boundaries, based on the Doughnut Economics Model.

-IMAGINATION: based on the models of System Thinking & Non Violent Communication.

Innovation plays a part in each of the WeFlourish Pillars. In relation to the 1st and 2nd WeFlourish pillars, which is 1. Wellbeing and 2. Climate - there's a time pressure on everything to work towards net-zero and a wellbeing economy. With innovation, there is a commitment to the process. However, we need Imagination (3rd pillar) to do so and support innovation. Without these foundations, we wouldn't have the capacity needed to look after ourselves in creative ways. Innovation is also recognised as a way to innovate society in order to change ourselves, gain knowledge and awareness about the planetary boundaries and personal boundaries.

Why Join the WeFlourish

Conveying in a deep and engaging way the understanding of social and natural science to future mindful leaders and what is happening to our planet as a whole - not just the climate. The climate is a big catalyst of all the environmental and social issues in the last 1000 years. Climate change is an opportunity to discuss all of these elements, to understand how they work on a scientific baseline, and also show them creatively, with innovation tools, how to come up with solutions using system-thinking, a ‘thinking outside of the box’ approach. The WeFlourish Toolkits are facilitation tools that individuals moving through the curriculum can then use in their own communities. These young women already have talents and capacity to lead, so they might choose to use these tools immediately and start to roll out facilitation sessions in their communities to create innovation, to boost innovation in their community and to look at the challenges with humanity's relationship to the ecological sphere and social spheres. The goal for any WeFlourish Mindful Leader is to innovate solutions for that community, through listening and working with their communities.

Innovation is about reimagining a different world. It's about inventing things that are not here yet. It's the capacity to give ourselves a chance to throw away whatever we know about things and pick something that we never thought could work and make it work. Innovation is also the capacity to give ourselves the allowance to make mistakes and learn from them with curiosity.

A successful female changemaker and ecopreneur is someone who has successfully integrated all aspects of sustainability - environmental, economic and social - into their business operations. However, many companies that consider themselves to be sustainable meet only one-third of these criteria.

Where are you with the the current thinking models?

This is a curriculum following a ‘Bottom-Up’ expansion model, the community groups, public and private networks that this expands into will be driven by the demand of the young women interested in a sustainable society. 

The word ‘sustainability’ has lost much of its power and there is a growing sense that we need to create a regenerative world, as so much has already been lost and needs to be rebuilt.

The curriculum was created due to a lack of representation for young females and minority female groups in worldwide decision-making processes. Therefore, we are encouraging more dialogue to be in action between public agencies, third and private sector outreach communities, in order to make young women aware that the WeFlourish Mindful Leadership Curriculum is an option for them, no matter their financial situation.

In between modules there is the chance to connect and reflect through the WeFlourish Hub. This is the online community which offers support and the element of community as young females journey through the WeFlourish Curriculum. 

At the WeFlourish Hub we aim to deepen your understanding of full-spectrum sustainability and what it takes to build a business which supports all aspects of life.